LifeCare Staff

Meet our counselors and learn more about each of them below.

In 1969, when Ron was just 15, he felt God calling him to become a counselor and integrate spiritual growth and emotional and relational health. “Having discerned a calling to ministry the summer prior,” Ron said, “I saw this as a specific calling and pursued that end point by developing my own discipleship, education, training, and ministry endeavors.”

Through this unique calling, Ron joined the pastoral staff at Crossings in May 2005. Transitioning from his role in private practices affiliated with Integris Baptist Medical Center into his new role at Crossings was an answered prayer. “It was a real moment of God’s affirmation and blessing because, interestingly, I had been praying for an opportunity to return to a ministry position for about eleven months,” Ron said. “What an opportunity it has been to develop ministry in the area of counseling, support, and recovery!”

Thanks to his diverse background and experience, Ron understands the stigma surrounding counseling that may prevent someone from seeking a next step. “LifeCare’s understanding of ‘peak performance’ is kingdom-focused, not self-focused,” he said. “It is important to declare that God is not doing this to you; rather, God is present and empowering you to grow in the heat of the challenge. Community, Scripture, prayer, empathy, and discernment are essential ingredients to addressing those difficult circumstances we may face.”

“LifeCare Ministry exists to deepen the discipleship of believers through counseling, support, recovery, and teaching, addressing both emotional and relational issues that challenge spiritual growth,” Ron said. “LifeCare is here when life disappoints or betrays our hearts and trust, and it is also here to teach God’s truth and offer clinical insight into how we can grow into what God intends for each of us.”

“It is such a privilege to see real relational restoration, individual transformation, and spiritual growth evidenced individually, maritally, or in another relational dynamic. It is an amazing thing to witness the Holy Spirit move in an individual or couple and to see God’s work evident in someone’s life! – Ron Mahn

Shari became part of the Crossings staff as a Graduate Intern in August 2005 and has been a vital part of LifeCare Ministry since. When asked why she decided to become a licensed professional counselor specializing in marriage and family, she said, “God kept giving me opportunities to walk with people on his behalf. In my role, I get to be the hands and feet of Christ speaking into the lives of others. I feel fortunate to be able to walk alongside others, teach them, and encourage them.”

As a counselor, Shari understands well the stigma surrounding counseling, support groups, and related programs. Her desire for her clients and her Crossings family is simply to begin the journey of growing and becoming healthy. “People think counseling is scary because they’re being vulnerable with another person,” she said. “The reality is counselors are kind, safe people, and, while it can be challenging, counseling isn’t typically painful.”

For those who are currently experiencing a difficult season, Shari simply hopes they don’t feel they have to walk through it alone. “God didn’t make you to live in isolation,” she said. “Scripture calls us to bear one another’s burdens. You’ll feel so much better if you allow God to comfort you by using arms that can wrap around you. Reach out. Ask for help. If you don’t know what to do, call our office and bring all your questions. We promise we don’t bite!”

“My favorite moment ever is when a person has been struggling with a really painful part of their life and together we find a different way to manage it. This typically allows them to more deeply understand God’s great love for them. Nothing is better for me to be a part of than that!” -Shari Murphy

Those who have met Teresa or even seen her in the halls can’t help but notice her optimism and passion. Teresa has been a member of Crossings for nearly 40 years and an invaluable part of the LifeCare team for 14 years.

Teresa originally thought she would be a teacher, but God had different plans for her. “I felt the call on my life to be a counselor when I was working for the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services,” she said. “I have such a passion for my job at Crossings. I feel incredibly blessed to counsel and lead a Christ-centered recovery program that is for any hurt, habit, or hang-up. People often say that I see the world through rose-colored glasses and am an eternal optimist, but that is only because of Jesus at work within me.”

Teresa knows a common misconception about Celebrate Recovery, or CR, is that it’s only for those struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, or that it’s a quick fix. “Less than one out of five of our participants struggle with alcohol or chemical dependency,” she said. “We started CR at Crossings Community Center and Clinic in 2008 because there were many people dealing with depression and anxiety. I wish we had a magic wand, but recovery is a process, and someone only gets out of it what they put into it.”

One of Teresa’s favorite things about her role is when she gets to baptize someone who has participated in CR or when she is a part of men’s commencement nights. “Nothing is more beautiful than seeing men on that stage who have completed a 10-month step study demonstrating love and friendship to each other. Their honesty, vulnerability, and camaraderie showcase the power of Jesus at work in CR! I love seeing people who have never trusted others finally begin to develop friendships.”

“You’re not alone. Getting into Christ-centered counseling and engaged in a group gives you community and people who can demonstrate Christ’s love to you. I am constantly amazed at the power of Jesus at work in community and how people’s lives can be completely transformed.” – Teresa Peden

Kimberly began in her role at Crossings in 2016 and has a unique calling for helping kids and families. “I love to build relationships with people, and I believe it is a privilege and honor to know someone’s story,” she said. “I know God has used my heart for people who are in pain and also my enthusiasm and energy with kids. I get to be a listener, motivator, and teacher–it’s the best of both worlds!”

In addition to counseling, Kimberly leads LifeCare Kids and Teens programming, which meets during CareSeries on Mondays and Celebrate Recovery on Thursdays and provides support for the whole family. “Whether someone is struggling with grief, anxiety, depression, or any other real-life relationship problem, I know healing is possible,” she said.

As someone who has such compassion for those who are struggling, Kimberly wants those who are experiencing trying seasons to connect with others and pursue counseling. “Counseling isn’t only for ‘broken people’ or ‘marriages on the brink of divorce,’” she said. “Counseling is for all stages of life and any size problem. You can never come in too early–counseling is for everyone at some point!

One of Kimberly’s favorite facets of counseling and LifeCare Kids and Teens is seeing God’s timing at work. “My favorite God moments relate to timing,” she said. “People come to group or counseling at exactly the right time and hear exactly the right thing for their situations. I know these are not coincidences!”

“Don’t be afraid to talk about your struggle. Many times, people suffer alone because they don’t want to be a burden, but being heard and understood is invaluable. There are people who care and want to help.” -Kimberly Dean

Scott joined the LifeCare Team at Crossings in 2021 and is called to care for others through his extensive counseling and ministry experience. Scott received his Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Oklahoma and his Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy at Oklahoma Baptist University. He has been a Licensed Marital and Family Therapist in the state of Oklahoma since 2000, and has used his education and experience to positively impact others.

Scott previously worked for the Oklahoma Baptist Children’s Home for nearly nineteen years. Prior to that, he was a therapist, caseworker, houseparent, assistant administrator at the Boys Ranch Town in Edmond, Oklahoma, and he was also administrator at the OKC campus.

Scott has been married to his wife, Patty, for twenty-seven years, and together they have two boys, Hudson and Noah. They also have a dog named Rocket and a cat named Lena. Scott and his family enjoy serving at Crossings together, riding their mountain bikes, and spending time together as a family. He is excited for the opportunity to be part of the Crossings team and combine his roles as therapist and counselor to care for others.

“I have been given life experiences that have shaped my desire to be an encouragement to those who are hurting and in need of help. As a trained Licensed Marital and Family Therapist, I can use the gifts God has given me to meet people where they are and point them to Christ.” -Scott Conrad